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(It will) get our marketing side ready

Money will fund a lot of activities. (It will) get our marketing side ready, documentation, website, distributor relations (and) relationships with key opinion leaders. It also helps us go through the regulatory process with our products. Now this brings us to the feast of Pentecost. As I said in my last post, we need to remember that it was the celebration of the first harvest, the first fruits. People from all over the world gathered in Jerusalem and such was the case during this day of fulfillment.

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She filled the room with laughter and Stamos and I went

Because they’re probably the only teams willing to do that on a regular basis. Playing on Thanksgiving isn’t something that would be well received by most teams’ season ticket holders. Most teams don’t want to have to answer to the complaints they’d get from their season ticket holders for playing on Thanksgiving..

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